Friday, July 13, 2007


The building where we have been working. For 12 hours at a time. That's not AP style, BTW. I'm definitely glad it's Friday! I finished the rough draft of my story on Teens & Technology and I went t-shirt shopping and picture taking.

Artsy-fartsy column picture! These are historic columns that are all that remain of the original Mizzou. Not a bad touch on an essentially bland campus.

All that construction is where the new Reynolds Journalism building will be. I'll grant them that their J-school buildings are newer than LSU's, and they probably smell better, too. An astonishing percentage of Mizzou students are there for Journalism, which also makes a person wonder.

Can't complain about the weather, though. I thought Missouri would be worse than Maryland, but it has been beautiful. Too bad I spend 12 hours a day in a room with a computer.

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Maria Christina said...

Gorgeous campus.

WOW an "old fashioned" lecture.

I do them all the time.

Sheer laziness. Just can't be bothered to do the powerpoint slide show thing. And I'm never in a "smart" classroom. AS IF I'll haul a projector on a cart across campus. hahahahahahaha

Yeah, it's interesting to play "what if" and try the alternate universe ala Star Trek & "Q" but would you have really made different choices?

Enough crappy existentialism for the night.

Have a good weekend!