Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I. Have. Homework.

Like, seriously. Not grading papers or writing lesson plans. Honest-to-goodness homework. Whose idea was this again? Oh, right. Mine.

Sunday night was just dinner, too noisy to really get to know people. Monday was mostly people talking to, or possibly at, us. We learned that we are going to find an angle on "Teens Today" to write about. We are, er, not enthusiastic, but we go out, mostly in pairs, to accost young people. Now, one of my main problems with this is--when did I become a NOT young person? Cause here I was, thinking, man, I'm young! Also, I'm youthful. Apparently, those kids I teach are a whole different generation from me. Who are, of course, much worse than we ever were. And I have a problem with that, because I was bad. Yes, I was. No, I'm not going to tell you about it. A lot of my kids are better behaved and more responsible than I was, although I was probably smarter.

Well, so we got through the initial fear of talking to people and started to think of angles and stories. More on that later.

Today we walk into our classroom and find our name tents have been moved around. They moved me from the front to the back. Now, they were probably smart to do that, because I was enjoying the back row. On the other hand, I'm not good for the front row because I can't keep my mouth shut. But, we learned about design today and that was lovely. Now, I have to go do my design homework and then get some sleep. If I'm lucky, I'll get some pictures tomorrow--it is supposed to be a lot cooler, and we may get a little free time during daylight hours.

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Maria Christina said...

So what "angle" do teens have?

This might be useful the day James becomes a teenager? Perhaps?

What questions were you supposed to ask?

As to the "when did I become OLD" question- bought a bottle of wine at Wegmans and I WAS NOT CARDED.


Must be all the white hairs I have.
Must talk to Mary about hair dye!!